Public Affairs


he way you project yourself, the audiences you target and how you react to issues that arise will make or break your policy proposals and ideas.
Kite Group has wide-ranging experience working at all levels of government, regulators and non-governmental organizations. We’ve also dug out trenches on the ground, and will provide you clear direction on engaging and rallying community support.
Most importantly, we’re at our finest when the going gets tough. At Kite Group, we’re adaptable, flexible and exceptionally fast in developing watertight reactions to tricky situations.
The bottom line is this: Kite Group will be there with you every step of the way.
Here’s what we can do for you:


  • Carry out policy scoping exercises, stakeholder mapping, engagement and consultation, as well as clear measures to rally community support
  • Formulate the political and technical baseline research to support your policy initiative and priorities
  • Establish government and community relations strategies, including coalition building and protocol support, public meetings and networking events
  • Dovetail your policy plan into an all-encompassing media and communications strategy
  • Coordinate large-scale events, including formal visits from foreign delegations and regional representation, and logistical events organisation
  • Crisis and issue management