3 Law Titles, Special offer – Constitutional, Criminal & Electoral Law

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A Commentary on the Constitution of Malta, Dr Tonio Borg;

Malta’s Hybrid Electoral Law System, A Constitutional Review, Dr Austin Bencini

Towards a European Criminal Law System, Dr Stefano Filletti


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A Commentary on the Constitution of Malta, Tonio Borg

This is the first analysis of the Constitution of Malta, article by article. This Commentary is a study of the landmark judgments of the Maltese Constitutional Court and an introduction to Maltese Constitutional law.


Even though most of the jurisprudence of Malta’s highest court has hovered around the human right articles of Chapter IV of the Constitution, the author comments on all the one hundred and twenty four articles, with references to authors, jurisprudence and practices.


This is a veritable compendium of laws, practices and judgments on Maltese Constitutional law. The first work of its kind which has already received acclaim by well known Maltese jurists.



Towards a European Criminal Law System, Stefano Filletti

The European Union has come a long way from the post-war European Coal and Steel Community. There has been a strong intra-State integration at European level with the introduction of close financial, economic, foreign policy and political ties. The socio-political reality of integration and freedom of movement dictated a concerted and ‘integrated’ approach to effectively combat crime. We now have a specialized set of EU criminal offences applied throughout the Member States. Relative uniform sanction has been promulgated for these offences. Specialized criminal procedures have been laid out throughout the Union. Now with the advent of the Lisbon Treaty there is also the possibility of witnessing the establishment of a European Public Prosecutor’s Office.

With this European reality in mind, the focus of this book is to examine the legal difficulties in implementing and applying these European Criminal norms in the Maltese legal system. In particular, the book examines the impact this may have on the substantive and procedural criminal rules applicable in Malta. Furthermore the rights of the person suspect or arrested and the rights of the persons accused are discussed and potential issues highlighted.



Malta’s Hybrid Electoral Law System, A Constitutional Review, Austin Bencini

This superlative study of Austin Bencini on the Maltese constitutional electoral system is welcomed by all constitutionalists and other academics studying law, history, government, politics and international relations. It constitutes a very valid contribution which fills a deep and wide fissure in Maltese Law.

It is indeed the first treatise written on Maltese constitutional electoral law which analysis not one particular election or one specific period of time, or one unique electoral system, but the whole gamut of Maltese constitutional electoral law. Bencini’s contribution traces the workings of the electoral system right from its inception in the rst self-government Constitution of 1921 up till the latest general election of 2017. It is therefore a very up to date work. Nothing is missed out; everything is included.



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