The Life of Pope John Paul II


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The crowd at St. Peter’s Square waited anxiously for the new Pope to appear at the Vatican window. Who was this Karol Wojtyla?
Pope John Paul II was from Poland but he welcomed the crowd by speaking in Italian. In every country he visited, people went in great numbers to see him and get to know him. He blessed the children, met young people and wished to feel the suffering of sick people.
The Pope preached unity, peace and forgiveness.
His love remains with us throughout the years…
The life of Pope John Paul II.  His birth, events, experiences, faith, miracles… all in one book written by Frank Zammit, adapted for children by Rita Saliba.
100 pages in colour with 45 original illustrations by artist David Schembri.
The book also contains messages from Bishops and Cardinals who worked close to the Pope and who write about their experiences with this new holy Pope.

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