Death by Pictures, Paul V. Azzopardi

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  • Author:Paul V. Azzopardi
  • Format:Hardback or paperback
  • Pages:256
  • Year:2021
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Ray Spriss, an artist, finds himself penniless at a time when his paraplegic brother needs money for a new therapy. Ray borrows money from a loan shark but fails to repay the money when due. The loan shark is not happy.

Depki, a high-rolling art dealer, who runs a sumptuous art gallery in Valletta, was commissioning Ray to make copies of works by a famous painter, on the side. Depki ran a huge bill but would not pay Ray. Meanwhile, Mylena, a beautiful widow and the heiress to her father’s fortune, approaches Ray to ask about Depki after she discovers that her late father had given Depki a big sum of money for a painting which was never delivered.

While this is developing, Ray and his lover, Eva, find it difficult to continue their relationship. Ray cannot stand the loneliness. The tense situation blows up during one scorching month in a Maltese summer revealing the dark world of fake art, money laundering, and brutal murder.

An exciting book – the perfect antidote to boredom.

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Dimensions 200 × 130 cm

Paperback, Hardback

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