The Ring Metaphor and the Spirit of Sofia and other essays, Lino Bianco with a foreword by HM King Simeon II

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  • Author:Lino Bianco
  • Format:Hardback and Paperback
  • Pages:196
  • Year:2022
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HM King Simeon II

Introduction: The Grace of Visitation
Vladimir Gradev

1. The Ring Metaphor and the Spirit of Sofia
Lino Bianco

2. Valletta: A City in History
Lino Bianco

3. Limestone in Post-War British Architecture:
Is it a Plea for a Return to Pugin?
Lino Bianco

4. Hegel’s Notion of Gothic Architecture
Lino Bianco

5. L’Année Dernière à Marienbad and the Cartography of an Orphic
Life-in-Death: The Modern Katábasis of Resnais
Saviour Catania and Lino Bianco

6. Music in Teaching Religion and in Primary Schools
Lino Bianco, Irene Dillon and Marlene Gatt

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