A Commentary on the Constitution of Malta – Paperback


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Author: Dr Tonio Borg

This is the first analysis of the Constitution of Malta, article by article. This Commentary is a study of the landmark judgments of the Maltese Constitutional Court and an introduction to Maltese Constitutional law.


Even though most of the jurisprudence of Malta’s highest court has hovered around the human right articles of Chapter IV of the Constitution, the author comments on all the one hundred and twenty four articles, with references to authors, jurisprudence and practices.


This is a veritable compendium of laws, practices and judgments on Maltese Constitutional law. The first work of its kind which has already received acclaim by well known Maltese jurists.


“Tonio Borg has assumed the role of high priest at the shrine of the Constitution of Malta, and he is more eminently qualified than most to serve that relentless and mellifluous goddess. By learning, by dedication, by career, by passion.


This is what Tonio Borg has set himself achieve in this truly monumental work – to analyse the text of the basic law, to record how it was understood or misunderstood over the years, to add the critical judgment of an acute mind that has loved the constitution and lived in symbiosis with it. Not many have attempted anything of this magnitude before. No one has succeeded like him with such ease, grace, force and thoroughness.”


Giovanni Bonello Judge of the European Court of Human Rights (1998-2010)


A landmark feature which this volume exhibits is that it is very much case law driven. Dr Borg does not simply comment on the Constitution’s provisions through his reflections, readings and direct experience in the field, but refers constantly and incessantly to every single decided case related to the provision he is commenting upon.”


Kevin Aquilina Dean, Faculty of Laws, University of Malta


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