Malta Architecture and Spatial Planning 2022


  • Author:Editor: Dr Wendy Jo Mifsud
  • Format:Hardback & jacket
  • Pages:362
  • Year:2023
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  • Dimensions:325 × 240 cm | 2000g
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The Malta Architecture and Spatial Planning Awards (MASP), organised by the Planning Authority, is intended to highlight the best architectural design projects that have been undertaken during the past years. The awards provide recognition to Maltese architects, planners, designers and their clients, for their notable contribution to the enhancement of our environment. This publication showcases all those projects that were submitted for the 4th edition of the awards including the recipients of an overall award or a special commendation in various categories. This volume specifically addresses all those engaged in the disciplines of policy-making, spatial planning, architecture, restoration and interior design. By disseminating these projects to a wider audience, one hopes that this publication will serve as a catalyst for better-quality developments that are not only sustainable but also respectful of our environment.

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Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 325 × 240 cm

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