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“This book is an image-based architectural narrative that collates projects, ideas, visions, responses to specific tasks, and which at the same time, opens the gaze to an alternative architectural paradigm. The corpus of selected drawings offers parallel visions of both a real and an imagined Malta. At the same time, the ‘visions on paper’ are also the mirror of those who produced them, of the many architects and designers, who have left their mark over the centuries, slowly defining the island as an incomparable European microcosm.”


Prof. Marco Rosario Nobile

Università degli studi di Palermo

  • Author:Conrad Thake, photography: Alex Attard
  • Format:Hardback & jacket
  • Pages:252
  • Year:2022
  • ISBN:978-9918-23-091-4
  • Dimensions:25.7 × 28.8 cm | 2200g
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Every project irrespective of its scale is derived from the conceptual idea. However, not all ideas and visions see the light of day and are realized. Some are so radical and ahead of their times that it would only be much later that they come to fruition. Several drawing archives in local institutions and private collections provide us with a veritable treasure-trove of projects that were not realized but are a testimony to the power of ideas and bold visions for the future.
Architecture – Visions on Paper by means of a well-selected corpus of historical drawings which are a joy to behold, celebrate the power of idea and visions. This compilation of architectural drawings spans over a period of almost 500 years from the time of the knights of the Order of St John, to the British colonial period, to the post-Independence era, to contemporary times.

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Weight 2200 g
Dimensions 25.7 × 28.8 cm

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