In Search of Line


Artists featured in this title: Willie Apap, Antonio Sciortino, Alfred Chircop, Josef Kalleya, Carmelo Mangion, Antoine Camilleri, Anton Inglott, Emvin Cremona, Victor Diacono, Esprit Barthet, Isabelle Borg, Frank Portelli, Joseph Calleja, Ġorġ Borg, Anton Agius, Gabriel Caruana, Toni Pace, Edward Pirotta, Victor Pasmore, Edward Lear, Salvatore Rosa, Luca Giordano, Mattia Preti, Agostino Carracci, Stefano della Bella, Carlo Dolci, Pier Leone Ghezzi, Gianni Secomandi, Julian Trevelyan, Mary Fedden

  • Author:Giulia Privitelli (Editor)
  • Format:Paperback & fold
  • Pages:172 + 2 gate fold
  • Year:2023
  • ISBN:978-9918-23-113-3
  • Dimensions:250 × 210 cm | 300g
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IN SEARCH OF LINE dives deep into the artists’ drive to create and represent images, meanings, and emotions through line. It presents a fully illustrated journey which captures the spirit of the ‘line’: creative, inquisitive, at times serious and complex, and at others surprisingly playful and straightforward.

The reflective piece penned by Sarah Chircop, introduces the three main sections of this title—the line’s manifestation in invention, gesture, and movement. The point-form structure and seemingly fragmented ideas, gradually combine into a consistent narrative, deepened by the essays of the various authors, each written with an independent rhythm inspired by the highlighted artwork. Inviting, yet inconclusive, these essays are intended to act as guides, mere signposts, along an imaginative, visual, sensorial journey in search of the concept, expression, and legacy of line, through stunning examples of Maltese art history and beyond—from the Maltese twentieth-century greats like Apap, Agius, Borġ, Camilleri, Caruana, Chircop, Cremona, Kalleya, Pace, Portelli, Sciortino, to foreign masters and pioneers like Preti, Spence, Fontana, and Pasmore… and more.

IN SEARCH OF LINE features essays by prominent artists, philosophers, renowned and upcoming art writers, including Matthew Attard, Robert Brewer Young, Vince Briffa, Richard England, Giulia Privitelli, and Michael Zammit.

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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 250 × 210 cm

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