The Creative Economy and Sustainable Tourism Development, Editors: Marie Avellino & George Cassar


“This book tackles the theme of Sustainable Tourism and the Creative Economy by discussing various aspects including climate change, heritage, fashion, gastronomy, museums, sustainability and eco-tourism amongst others. This shows not only the versatility of the subject but bears witness to the huge possibilities emerging from the embracing of the Creative Economy by the Tourism sector.” – Leslie Vella,  Chief Officer Strategic Development / Deputy CEO Malta Tourism Authority


  • Author:Editors: Marie Avellino & George Cassar
  • Format:Paperback
  • Pages:190
  • Year:2022
  • ISBN:9 789918 230488
  • Dimensions:245 × 168 cm | 500g
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This collection of papers, combining policy with practical reflection, proposes and presents recommendations based on an international spectrum of industry practices. This book addresses the various tourism segments vis-à-vis the Cultural Economy and Sustainable Development in a publication aimed at supporting practitioners, academics, policy makers and national and local authorities through a combination of research in the field of sustainable tourism linked to the cultural and creative economy and sustainability, while adopting a horizontal approach towards ecology, the rural environment, travel and especially the creative industries.


Table of Contents

1. Culture, heritage and tourism in Small Island States – some reflections on current realities
George Cassar

2. The creative economy and sustainable tourism development – ‘Taste History’
Noel Buttigieg & Marie Avellino

3. Challenges to the sustainable development of the creative economy: Europe, Malta and COVID-19
Karsten Xuereb

4. Sustainable creative economies: Classification, policies, and practices
Valeria Pica & Chiara Burlina

5. Through the looking glass: Thoughts and reflections around the Maltese museum ecosystem
Sandro Debono

6. Culture and the politics of fashion: Dressing up in Early Modern Malta
Carmel Cassar

7. Mediterranean scholarly reciprocity: Education for tourism in Palestine and Malta
Tom Selwyn

8. Heritage tourism in Sweden
Heidi Pantzar

9. Ecotourism development in Malta: environmental issues and threats
Karl Agius

10. SUNx Malta – Inspired by Maurice Strong
Geoffrey Lipman

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 245 × 168 cm

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