Tourism and the Maltese Islands: Observations, reflections & proposals. Editors George Cassar & Marie Avellino


“This title stands out as being a comprehensive review of many aspects of how tourism has unfolded in Malta: the book is as much evidence of tourism’s increasing sophistication and complexity – dare we still refer to it as one industry? … The leitmotifs that run through this text speak to concerns about sustainability, competitiveness, alternative markets, restoring authenticity and intercultural competences.” – Godfrey Baldacchino, Pro Rector, University of Malta

  • Author:Editors: George Cassar & Marie Avellino
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Tourism and the Maltese Islands – Observations, reflections and proposals, edited by Marie Avellino and George Cassar, focuses on a number of key issues and themes present within the complex tourism industry of the Maltese Islands. The research draws upon various countries and settings, which contributes to shedding light upon and clarifying similar and parallel topics and arguments. Academic research needs to be continuously brought forward so that policy makers, investors and decision makers have updated tools and information at their disposal. Without access to constantly evolving research, enacted policies tend to be inadequate or faulty. This publication aims to help address this necessity.




Foreword: Tourism, Malta and the expression of ‘unusual kindness, Godfrey Baldacchino
1. Tourism and Malta: a narrative of resilience, pragmatism and survival, George Cassar
2. Symbols in marketing of sustainable tourism, Monika Banaś
3. Linking international practices of cultural tourism to Malta and Gozo, Karsten Xuereb
4. Intercultural competence as a key competence for tourism graduates, Simon Caruana
5. Food & beverage service quality and gastronomic tourism of the Mediterranean region – a glimpse at Greece and Malta, Vicky Katsoni & Ioulia Poulaki
6. Outsiders as insiders: the benefits of developing a long-term fieldwork relationship with the Maltese islands, Jim Butcher
7. Malta’s destination competitiveness and policy considerations: an initial analysis, Marie-Louise Mangion
8. Sustainable tourism in small island states with special reference to Malta, Lino Briguglio
9. The role of urban heritage in Malta’s tourism: issues and initiatives, John Ebejer & John Tunbridge
10. Climate change and tourism: Malta and the Mediterranean: identifying problems – achieving solutions, Andrew Jones
11. Assessment of rainfall risk in the Maltese hospitality industry, Simona Franzoni & Cristian Pelizzari
12. The British-Maltese tourism encounter, Marie Avellino
13. Living with tourists: community-based tours – an alternative to the mainstream market, Julian Zarb
14. Malta and faith-based tourism: stocktaking and future perspectives, Dane Munro
15. Reauthentication of dissonant heritage: Strait Street, Valletta, Noel Buttigieg


Published by Kite Group and Institute for Tourism, Travel and Culture (ITTC), University of Malta



Publication date: March 2020

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Weight 800 g
Dimensions 325 × 168 cm


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