Giuseppe (De)Brincat, A Gozitan Wine Merchant 1890s – 1930 by Michael Refalo


Giuseppe (De)Brincat

A Gozitan Wine Merchant


Author: Dr Michael Refalo


Author: Dr Michael Refalo



During the last years of the 19th and the first decades of the 20th century a Gozitan former sailor established himself as wine merchant. He corresponded regularly with his emigrated sons, keeping them updated on the outcome of the business as well as matters concerning family. The surviving correspondence, together with the business ledgers, form the basis of this book. Through an analysis of these primary sources we are afforded a look into the personal and business dealings of an unknown Gozitan during a period when the island suffered from severe economic, cultural and social distress. This book examines the local wine scene as well as the personal, family circumstances of ‘the common man.’

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