Maltese Lace: History and Mystery: Four Centuries of Bizzilla (hardback)


  • Author:Consiglia Azzopardi
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  • Pages:574
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  • ISBN:9789995750848
  • Dimensions:297 × 210 cm | 3500g
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Consiglia Azzopardi is making a substantive contribution to chronicling the history and technique of Maltese Lace from its origins to the present day, worthy of her long scholarly commitment to the topic. Maltese Lace, History & Mystery: Four Centuries of Bizzilla is ultimately a labour of love. It is put forth by a lace maker who not only practises the art herself but also actively seeks out others to encourage and promote the tradition. For Consiglia, lace-making is a passion as much as a trade.

Lace-making is a deeply embedded part of Maltese culture people take great pride in. It is rooted in an industry that has evolved over a dozen generations and occupied many thousands of women over the years. This is ultimately their story recounted in the context of the people and events that brought them together, the ups and downs of the lace market, and the many outside influences that further define Maltese history.


Beautifully illustrated, meticulously documented, and written in a nuanced style that honours both the peasant artisans and their more affluent patrons, Maltese Lace: History and Mystery: Four Centries of Bizzilla is sure to appeal to all those who truly appreciate how the art of lace-making can bring people together across continents and across the centuries.



Publication date: December 2019


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Weight 3500 g
Dimensions 297 × 210 cm


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