Exposure, Fragmented Sculptures of an Island Coast, Photography: Alex Attard


“Alex Attard’s coastline series excretes a silent stoicness that is evoked by a profound connection to the primaeval quality of the yet unspoilt landscape which harkens back to the Earth’s enigmatic origins.” – Prof Vince Briffa

  • Author:Photography: Alex Attard
  • Format:Hardback
  • Pages:240
  • Year:2023
  • ISBN:978-9918-23-128-7
  • Dimensions:325 × 240 cm
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Born from the patient chisel of time, nature’s fragmented sculptures emerge as testament to the ceaseless dance between the elements. Erosion, that master sculptor, wields its tools with grace and abandon upon the indomitable rock face of our island’s coast. Wind and water trace their own narratives into the stone. They etch their way onto the unyielding nature of our coast, now bearing the scars of a thousand storms. Its grandeur is tempered but its story magnified.

Exposure, Fragmented Sculptures of an Island Coast, is an eight-year-long journey documenting the interface were land meets sea. Weathered and worn, the sculpted rock face stands as silent witness to the passage of time, reminding us of the beauty that emerges from impermanence.

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Dimensions 325 × 240 cm

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