Legal Issues, Speeches and Identity


  • Quo Vadis? The Incessant Development of the Maltese Juridical Order
  • The Main Constituent Elements of the Legal System of Malta
  • The Juvenile Court
  • Juvenile Justice: Or Is It?
  • Adolescents
  • Sports: Some Legal Issues
  • Maltese Citizenship: Its Recent Evolution and Design
  • Restorative Justice: A Break-Through in Penal Policy
  • Refugee Law
  • The Notion of Juridical Personality
  • The Privacy of Suspects of Crime and of their Victims
  • Innocent until Proven Guilty: The Presentation of Suspects in Criminal Proceedings
  • Author:Judge Emeritus Silvio Meli
  • Format:Paperback
  • Pages:292
  • Year:2023
  • ISBN:978-9918-23-114-0
  • Dimensions:245 × 168 cm | 750g
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This publication brings together papers and speeches published and delivered by the author throughout his long and distinguished career on the bench and in academia. It uniquely binds together a diverse conglomeration of topics and includes civil, criminal and public law issues; issues concerning humanitarian law; human rights, and issues concerning legal culture and identity. Concomitantly, whilst this collection betrays a unique philosophical outlook at the same time, it does not purport to be in any way dogmatic. Rather, after intelligent discernment, one is encouraged to come to one’s own conclusions regarding the various theses portrayed. What should however be self-evident to the judicious reader is that one should discover the existence of a fil rouge running throughout the assorted topics included, showing that the true rasion d’etres behind these contributions actually portrays the strength of the legal values with which the author is imbued.

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Weight 750 g
Dimensions 245 × 168 cm

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