Rene Rossignaud – The first 13 years


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A photograph tells us a story which would otherwise have needed a thousand words… but it also hides a story, the story behind the capture of the image. A picture might be hiding hours of patience waiting for lightning to strike, or days of travelling to the right spot where the action is. Taking the picture involves the photographer immersing himself in the environment, and exposes him to so much more than he manages to record for us. Through this book, Rene tells us two stories – through his camera he gives us the proverbial thousand words, and through his own words he gives us the insight into the experience to get his shot that he lived through, and sometimes almost died for. The beautiful and powerful pictures are matched word for word by his poignant and heartfelt accounts of the stories behind the pictures.

Rene Rossignaud

Rene Rossignaud was born on the beautiful island nation of Malta on a stormy December night, which must have conditioned him to appreciate and want to capture the wonders of nature – and what better way to achieve this than through still photography. After studying and graduating as a Graphic Designer, with special emphasis on photography, arts and design, he chose to specialise in photography, which he strongly considers, not only as an art, but as the most vivid means of visual expression.

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