“Thinking to Create Value – Bonting”: A New Book by Edward de Bono

“Thinking to Create Value – Bonting”, is the latest book written by Professor Edward de Bono. The book was launched on Friday 15th April 2016 at Auberge de Castille under the patronage of the Honourable Prime Minister Joseph Muscat. “Thinking to Create Value – Bonting”, is the 85th book by Edward de Bono and it is the first to be published in Malta by a Maltese publisher. Kite Group was entrusted to publish Edward de Bono’s latest title.
Dr Leonie Baldacchino, Director of The Edward de Bono Institute for the Design and Development of Thinking at the University of Malta, introduced the event and gave an overview of Edward de Bono’s achievements and the role of the Institute. She said “Edward de Bono has made a name for himself as a world renowned leading authority in the field of creative thinking. He is known internationally for his contributions to creativity through his many tools and techniques including Lateral Thinking, the Six Thinking Hats, and the Direct Attention Thinking Tools. Now through the latest title “Thinking to Create Value – Bonting”, he is introducing us to his new tool which he calls ‘Bonting’”.
Addressing the audience, Edward de Bono said the new tool ‘bonting’ means the adding of value to something which is already good, but not good enough. He argued that thinking to create value is not normally included in the aspects of thinking. He said that in the process to add value, in the book he explains how he starts with ‘a value dream’, which is like a hypothesis, then down to a concept, then to an idea and then to a practical idea. Edward de Bono said that “just as creativity can be taught, with the formal tools of lateral thinking, so thinking to create value can be taught. That is exactly what this book is about.”
The concluding speech was delivered by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat. He said “once again Edward de Bono through the book “Thinking to Create Value – Bonting” stimulates us to challenge ourselves out of our comfort zone. Life, be it personal, professional or political, can sometimes be defined as a repetition of events. Sometimes we will come across something over and over again, however reacting in a way which is challenging, can change the scenario for the better and change it for the common good”. The Prime Minister congratulated Edward de Bono and said that Malta is proud of his success in the field of creativity.
During the book launch, guests had the opportunity to meet Edward de Bono and get signed copies of the book.