My Residence at Pine Forest Lodge, Some Reflections, Victor Mallia-Milanes


  • Author:Victor Mallia-Milanes
  • Format:paperback
  • Pages:104
  • Year:2022
  • ISBN:978-9918-23-075-4
  • Dimensions:200 × 130 cm
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Pascal Stephen Galway, an 80-year old Greek citizen, lived on the fictitious island of Ashtigas. When his wife, Emile-Marie, started suffering from dementia, their matrimonial home did not remain suitable for her. She was therefore placed at Pine Forest Lodge, the leading private caring home for the elderly on the island, where he visited her every day. The outbreak of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic suddenly interrupted these visits, creating a tragic dilemma for Pascal. Ten weeks later, after lockdown had been lifted, he decided to join her. He instantly noticed that during his absence, his wife’s condition had deteriorated dramatically. She looked so frail that she was even administered the sacrament of extreme unction. It was Emile-Marie’s abysmal change for the worse that inspired the present work. Something, somewhere, must have gone inexplicably wrong. What was it? Why had it been allowed to happen? Pascal’s reflections seek to provide a convincing answer.

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Dimensions 200 × 130 cm

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