Malta’s Hybrid Electoral System, A Constitutional Review. Austin Bencini


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“This superlative study of Austin Bencini on the Maltese constitutional electoral system is welcomed by all constitutionalists and other academics studying law, history, government, politics and international relations. It constitutes a very valid contribution which fills a deep and wide fissure in Maltese Law.

It is indeed the first treatise written on Maltese constitutional electoral law which analysis not one particular election or one specific period of time, or one unique electoral system, but the whole gamut of Maltese constitutional electoral law. Bencini’s contribution traces the workings of the electoral system right from its inception in the first self-government Constitution of 1921 up till the latest general election of 2017. It is therefore a very up to date work. Nothing is missed out; everything is included.”

– Prof Kevin Aquilina, Dean Faculty of Laws




245mm x 168mm

312 pages

Publication Date 10 December 2018


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