The Role, Duties and Obligations of the Public Broadcaster in Malta, Francis Zammit Dimech


  • Author:Francis Zammit Dimech
  • Format:Paperback
  • Pages:454
  • Year:2022
  • ISBN:978-9918-23-081-5
  • Dimensions:168 × 245 cm | .700g
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‘This publication is very well written, convincingly argued, descriptive in parts and analytical in perspective in other parts, critical in nature, well researched in so far as case law and reports are concerned, prospective in outlook, identifies the main idiosyncrasies of Maltese judgments on the public service broadcaster, its chapters flow, is very original in detecting deficiencies in both the text of the law and the interpretation given thereto by case law.

Public broadcasting service broadcasting has proved, over the years, to be a very controversial subject. It has been used and abused by successive governments and reformed many times as can well be gleaned from the historical subject. Yet what one notices when flipping through the pages is that Dr Zammit Dimech adopts a very neutral, objective, and impartial stance in relation to all these controversies and subjects discussed in his volume that enable the reader to reach his or her own independent conclusions without these being forced down his or her throat. Such an unpassionate approach makes the publication academic in nature because whilst where criticism of the legal regime is needed it is made, the book does not end up to be a tedious opinionated rending of the subject under consideration.’

– Prof. Kevin Aquilina

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Weight .700 g
Dimensions 168 × 245 cm

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