Cross Connection, author: JP Tabone (paperback)


  • Author:JP Tabone
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  • Pages:360
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  • ISBN:9789995750923
  • Dimensions:200 × 130 cm | .650g
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Drugs, mercenaries and determined Maltese. A Gianninu Nobat Novel

A drug baron, a group of determined Maltese and a cat and mouse chase to the bitter end. Gianninu Nobat is not your typical pharmacist. He has been through a lot in his life. Years later, older and supposedly wiser, he returns to the Island of Gozo to search for an old friend. Only to find out, that she is now in trouble; a drug addict being controlled by a powerful drug baron. Gianninu is the only person who can save her.


This action packed adventure starts in Spain and carries us across the Italian coast until arriving to the tiny Islands of Malta and Gozo in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s money and unlimited resources against pure determination and survival instinct. And there can be only one winner.

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Weight .650 g
Dimensions 200 × 130 cm


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