Where’s my brother? and other confessions


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Victor Calleja’s book of confessions is a fascinating insight into the life of an ordinary man told in an extraordinary way.

The book captures his deeds, misdeeds and all sorts of incidents, poking fun at anything from funerals to weddings to trips, tipping and tripping in the heart of Sicily and the green hills of England. His fiendish humour includes confessions about his children, wife, family, friends and complete strangers.

In this book he talks about how scared he was when, aged seven, he was told very seriously by his adult sister that he was a mistake. He then lived in constant fear of being given away to some evil rubberman who goes round collecting unwanted children. For a long time he thought that his brother’s name was “Fejnu? (Where is he?)” Find out all about Victor Calleja in this flighty but constantly entertaining romp of a book, ideal for the beach, plane or bathroom.

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